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Flintlock Studios’ Stone Age fantasy RTS Lithic will ‘rock’ the way the genre is played.

Lithic LogoIn the beginning there was the Ix-Aan, a hive mind of reptilian humanoids. They expanded their territory, developing culture and religious practices. They worshipped The Creators, an ethereal race with the power to command the elements and manifest as mighty animal spirits. The Ix-Aan grew strong, arrogant that they had raised themselves so far above […]
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Lithic preview

Lithic LogoFlintlock Studios are proud to announce their first in-house game, Lithic.   Set in a pre-historic fantasy universe, players will be able to explore the concept of cultural and technological evolution from primitives incapable of speech, through to forming advanced stone tool technology. Combining real time strategy gameplay with RPG elements, Lithic allows players to […]
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