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Princess Peach Cheater?

2030e2769d7564566f5fa212c1522665Meet Peach: Being the royal princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach, a.k.a. Princess Toadstool, is always shown as a very kind and beautiful woman who cares for her people and the well being of others.  In the series, she usually portrays the princess in distress, and has been kidnapped by Bowser in almost every game. Mario and Luigi, the protagonists […]
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Facts You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

mario_mushroomOr Did You?
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Miyamoto Retiring? Lets Set the Record Straight Shall We.

Mario DEATHMaybe Oh No’s?
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Agent Double Oh waaa…?

nintendo_64If you have ever paid close enough attention, you would notice there is something wrong with the king of N64 shooters face. And yes, I still cant unsee it.  
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