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Nintendo Announces Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Edition, Same Launch Date as Switch

Among the bombshells from yesterday, Nintendo has just recently announced that the highly anticipated game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will not only release on the same day as the Switch, but will also have a special edition option as well. Many writers are suggesting that the new title could be “Nintendo’s […]
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Everything From PSX 2016

29675653140_2148571bd3_oThe Playstation Experience 2016 convention was a megaton bomb of information for Playstation customers. This weekend, Playstation fans in Anaheim, California were treated to a wealth of reveals and updates from Sony, including: Yakuza 6 release, which is coming to America in 2017 Kiwami, coming in 2017 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy unveiled Marvel vs. Capcom […]
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Oni-Con 2016 Recap

PrintAfter attending multiple conventions, Oni-Con is still probably my favorite. It may not be the biggest con in the world or even in Texas but if it were a sandwich it would be dang filling. There’s plenty to do, everything isn’t spread out but it doesn’t feel uncomfortably packed either.   Decent walking space in […]
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Shout out from Ivy Doomkittty and Nicole Marie Jean

Got to meet the very talent and beautiful cosplayers Ivy DoomKitty and Nicole Marie Jean They did a shout out for us and another website.
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Comicpalooza Makes Navigation EZ

The sun has set on the first day of the 4th Annual Compicpalooza; however, guests will still be up until 2:00 AM celebrating comics, art, and music. When they lumber off to bed, convention goers will have Joker grins not only because met the legendary Stan Lee but also because the staff made events incredible […]
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Stan Lee to attend Comicpalooza

Update: EXCELSIOR! Stan “The Man” Lee has been moved to 7:00PM on Friday, May 23. This year’s Texas International Comic Convention (Comicpalooza), held at the George Brown Convention Center, expands to four days and includes more than 1,000 hours of programing including seminars, workshops, demonstrations, performances and sporting matches. Topics include science fiction, fantasy, horror, […]
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“B” is for Video Game

The top “B” items in video games. Enjoy! 1. Booze You knew it would be on the list, and high on the aforementioned list. Despite all of the booze that actually appears in video games, nothing is more fun than drinking REAL beverages based on video games/characters. So, here are a few: Kick ***, Duke […]
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Women and Minorities Attracted to Apocalyptic, Shoot em’ ups

As research now proves, woman and minorities actually can’t wait to play violent video games, especially ones with guts.       According to totally not made up female Dr. Jane Doe, “Women and minorities actually feel liberated and refreshed after beating a virtual baby seal with a club on their Xbox’s”. When asked about […]
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Detail Textures

I made some greyscale, 128×128 detail textures for a project I’m working on in UDK, here they are, no credit needed, enjoy. 57 Custom Detail Textures.rar
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Who will be the mystery character???

I have alot of theories.. for characters that could possibly shoot up Shinnok: reason why??….. well he was in the storymode.. so we know they’ve atleast done some artwork on him in MK9 so…probly will be a way for them to save money by not having to redesign a whole new character when he’s already […]
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