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Skara Alpha Review

a8d58770cec26aca7a58936ebc74b987_largeI have to say, reading and listening to the developers of Skara, I was initially very confused. “Sixteen player Versus Fighter,” I thought, “What are they on about?”. Curious none-the-less, I took a stab at it. Since picking it up I can say that I see the developers ideas and intentions, but a better description […]
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Dragon Kings

f48c3e71b9a55e55f9c2c2ab38b575af_large  UPDATE – June 25, 2014 – The multi-media Dragon Kings project is now available in all electronic formats.   Check out the Dragon Kings Gazetteer PDF which contains art, lore, lyrics, and maps.   DRAGON KINGS GAZETTEER LINK:     LAS VEGAS, NV – June 19, 2014 – The Dragon Kings design team […]
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Skara – The Blade Remains In Final Push to Full Release

Skara_CoverFree-to-Play Game, Built on Unreal Engine 4, Coming to Steam Early Access in July, Looking to Kickstarter Backers to Fund Last Steps
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Still a Chance to Back Kingdom Come: Deliverance

shut-up-and-take-my-money1In light of their recent Kickstarter mega win, Warhorse Studios has launched their own crowd funding platform through PayPal (which is linked here) allowing fans to continue support for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The next stretch goal of $2 million (which has almost been met) will bring enhancements to voice overs. Mmmh, more immersion.     […]
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Titanesque Cosplay Creates New Field of Justice at Anime Matsuri

With an average of 12 million players a day, League of Legends, a real time strategy computer game which runs as a multiplayer online battle arena, is revered as the most popular computer game in North America and Europe, and the fever is quickly spreading. The game boasts a character roster that is over one-hundred […]
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Is Skyrim worth the Money?

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