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Battlefield 3 Beta is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battlefield-3As you may or may not know. Battlefield 3 Beta launched on the 28th of September. Here is some gameplay to show the true potential of what this game could offer. Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer It goes live on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The featured game mode is Rush, and the featured map […]
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EFL Oh yeaah! Results

One of colorado’s last local tournaments before EVO has come and gone. Here are the results and the footage of the MVC3, SSFIV:AE, and MK9 Grand Finals Matches. (camera ran out of memory on the last game of MK9 MvC3 1. Smilez 2. Sexy Mike 3. Saeng SSFIV:AE 1. 72b 2. Roogle 3. Recon MK9 […]
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WWE BRAWL, THQ’s Upcoming Title for 2012

news_img_46181_0After the success with WWE All Stars it seems that THQ is still going to continue with the arcade styled fighter route that they have went. But this time, its looking like they may be overdoing it with this game. Sad to say after see this leaked trailer of the game. It’s looking as if […]
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The Rumors Were True, A Marvel Sequel!!

Its been floating around the scene for few months now that capcom was working on a new marvel title, a possible sequel to the latest title Marvel VS Capcom 3. Well as of today the beans were spilled by and in result gameplay and info upon the new capcom game has been released. The […]
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Who will be the mystery character???

I have alot of theories.. for characters that could possibly shoot up Shinnok: reason why??….. well he was in the storymode.. so we know they’ve atleast done some artwork on him in MK9 so…probly will be a way for them to save money by not having to redesign a whole new character when he’s already […]
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Homemade X-men

Was surfing around at one point or another and stumbled on these guys… Pretty funny I must say.
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Planetside 2 Debut Trailer

Since December 2008 planetside has been no more, down, finished, and with no intention by SOE to be brought back up. But just this July 7th SOE has released their debut trailer of Planetside 2. Quite a surprise it is, who knew the MMORPG Shooter would be brought back to life. Planetside was known for […]
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Last Saturday was the Nu Skool Classic @ 1up arcade bar in downtown Denver. It was a great event with new faces and old rivals. 1st-3rd Results for the event: MvC3 1. Yangfushang 2. Smilez 3. BigD MvC3 Grand Finals Match: MK 1. Saive 2. Meezy 3. Tony Romo MK Grand Finals Match:
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Civil War 3

Found this on TYM (test your might), quite possibly is this event is the last major before EVO, “Civil War 3″. Details can be found below: The tourney is Saturday, July 16th. Registration starts at 12. The tournament is at Strange Matter, a barcade right next to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Please preregister […]
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Let it Rain!!!!

July 11th NRS thought they would release yet another tease of a present to come to MK9, …Rain. A long awaited character indeed, personally when I got MK9 myself Iwas saddened of his absence.  Playing alot of UMK3 as a child, he was one of my main characters I used. Now the prince has been […]
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