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Gauntlet Returns

Gauntlet , originally a fantasy-themed hack and slash 1985 arcade game by Atari Games, returns September 3 this year with upgraded graphics and a new quest. Building on the classic Gauntlet 4-player co-op action gameplay, the game is bringing fans a new experience. Battle the endless hordes of foes and search for treasure and glory […]
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Shout out from Ivy Doomkittty and Nicole Marie Jean

Got to meet the very talent and beautiful cosplayers Ivy DoomKitty and Nicole Marie Jean They did a shout out for us and another website.
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Comicpalooza Makes Navigation EZ

The sun has set on the first day of the 4th Annual Compicpalooza; however, guests will still be up until 2:00 AM celebrating comics, art, and music. When they lumber off to bed, convention goers will have Joker grins not only because met the legendary Stan Lee but also because the staff made events incredible […]
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Comicpalooza Releases App

Comicpalooza has gone mobile. The official mobile application is a digital super guide that provides users with the latest news and updates. Be the one of the first people to hear about special events, guest announcements, and convention information. “We Hope you enjoy the interaction this app will provide. [It] will assist in navigating through […]
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Stan Lee to attend Comicpalooza

Update: EXCELSIOR! Stan “The Man” Lee has been moved to 7:00PM on Friday, May 23. This year’s Texas International Comic Convention (Comicpalooza), held at the George Brown Convention Center, expands to four days and includes more than 1,000 hours of programing including seminars, workshops, demonstrations, performances and sporting matches. Topics include science fiction, fantasy, horror, […]
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“Attack on Titan” Dominates Anime Matsuri

20140326-201914.jpgKnown in Japan as Shingeki no Kyojin, Attack on Titan has captured the spirit of adventure and survival in many magna readers. The premise of the story is that many years ago, the last remnants of humanity were forced to retreat behind three towering walls to escape massive, man-eating Titans. Only the members of the […]
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Titanesque Cosplay Creates New Field of Justice at Anime Matsuri

With an average of 12 million players a day, League of Legends, a real time strategy computer game which runs as a multiplayer online battle arena, is revered as the most popular computer game in North America and Europe, and the fever is quickly spreading. The game boasts a character roster that is over one-hundred […]
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Murphy’s Law Strikes at 8th Annual Anime Matsuri

Update – approximate figures updated to exact totals If it could go wrong – it probably did go wrong this past weekend at the 8th annual Anime Matsuri. From the canceled events to the lost equipment to the overall disorganization, this event was frustrating in its excitement and exciting in its frustration. This disorder was […]
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5 Types of Villians

A hero is, for lack of a better word, heroic. They save cats from tall trees and old ladies, who own tree-climbing cats, from burning buildings. The morals they have tend to be unquestionable, i.e. do not drop your nemesis one-hundred and fifty stories to his doom even though he just killed every person, rat, […]
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Anime Matsuri 2014, March 14 – 16

George R. Brown Convention Center
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