We Are the Dwarves! Preview

So normally I’m not super into games featuring dwarves. Nothing wrong with dwarves or the game settings that feature them but they just don’t tickle my jimmies. However, my opinions are changing thanks to Whale Rock Games upcoming title We Are the Dwarves! Set in the Eternal Stone universe where stone replaces outer space and hallows in the stone replace planets, you control one to three dwarven drillonauts, each with a unique skill set such as trap setting and stealth.

The Known Dwarven Universe

Enemies will “see, hear, and smell” the players, have the ability to communicate with each other, and by the the looks of it, interact with other creatures in the universe. Whale Rock Games have given players the choice of if and how they would like to dispose of enemy’s, a la Deus Ex, with either stealth or slasher tactics.

Lure ’em in and Blast ’em

The combat will have an active pause that allows the creation of complex tactics which sounds similar to the Knights of the Old Republic series. The environment also presents it’s own dangers to not only the enemies but the player, such as acid pools, toxic clouds, unsteady gravity, and destructive sound waves.  

The S.S. Badass. The Only Way to Travel.

  The story, environments, and enemy designs seem fresh and exciting and makes me want to experience the world of We Are The Dwarves. Hopefully, we will all get to control short, hairy men with shotguns and knives very soon. More info can be found at their Steam Greenlight page : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=279855788    
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