Classic Games Fest 2014

  IMG_20140817_122205_133   Texas’s largest retro gaming convention has come and gone and it was a blast. After paying the meager $10 weekend pass entry fee you are violently slapped with nostalgia and awe as anything and everything from the retro era of gaming stares you in the face. A NES over here, a MKII cabinet next to the Stormtrooper, is that a Powerglove? As far as the eye could see, free play classic arcade cabinets, classic consoles, retro tournaments, a classic game museum, vendors and artists. It was magical.  
You bet your sweet ass it is

You bet your sweet ass it is

  Every game at the con was free play. You could hop on a NES and play some Super Mario Bros. or rip your friends spine out in MKII. If you wanted more violence then you could grab an N64 controller and play some Mario Kart while your kids play some Doom on an Apple. From Pac-Man to Street Fighter to Mega Man II, chances were if you played a popular game in your younger years that it would be here in all it’s original glory.  

I’d Like some Pound Cake



There were also plenty of vendors and artist selling sweet stuff. NES cartridge shaped necklace? Check. Painting of Optimus Prime to hang over your fireplace? Check. Spare copy of Goldeneye? Check. The selection of game choices that vendors were selling were quite impressive. I saw for sale cartridges, discs, controllers, and consoles of pretty much every console from the 360/Ps3/Wii generation down. Don’t believe me? A guy standing next to me bought a cartridge for a Virtual Boy. That doesn’t just happen everywhere. You could also trade in your games for cash and there was even a vintage game repair booth.  

I love the smell of nerd in the morning


This is awesome


Childhood on a table

  If your competitive side was showing, speed runs and tournaments were going on both days. Killer Instinct (SNES), SSB Melee, MegaMan, Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter II, Mario Kart 64, and more. All the while video game themed bands serenaded the con goers.  

Victory. Just a Shell Away

  The indie scene was also hip and happening (yeah I said it) as Piko Interactive had homebrew SNES cartridges set up to play and buy. Also the guys at Indie Van Game Jam showed off a game they created in one of their van game jams. Whats a Indie Van Game Jam you ask? It’s when a couple of guys pile into a van for a road trip to interview indie developers all while developing their own games…in a van…DOWN BY THE RIVER! You should go help them get Greenlighted if you would like to see Indie Game: The Movie VAN EDITION.   IMG_20140817_123354_752 So, was Classic Game Fest 2014 awesome? Will I be at Classic Game Fest 2015? Should you be there also? Do foxes do barrel rolls?
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