Still a Chance to Back Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In light of their recent Kickstarter mega win, Warhorse Studios has launched their own crowd funding platform through PayPal (which is linked here) allowing fans to continue support for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The next stretch goal of $2 million (which has almost been met) will bring enhancements to voice overs. Mmmh, more immersion.

So Pretty

So Pretty

  Not only have Warhorse Studios opened up the possibility of adding new and more shiny features through a trusted money transfer service but they have also been hard at work with other endeavors. Here are a few highlights of what they’ve been up to.
Warhorse recently went to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to meet with potential business partners, technology providers, and publishers. What does that mean? More funds, more features, and more tech to power/enhance the game. Everybody wins.
I'm sure there's a joke about peasants to be made somewhere

I’m sure there’s a joke about peasants to be made somewhere

If have not converted to the Glorious PC Master Race (which you should, Praise GabeN) then there still might be hope for you to play Kingdom Come. Warhorse was quoted saying they were “…visited by a nice guy from Sony to discuss the options of Kingdom Come: Deliverance release on PS4″. Hey they said the guy was nice so that has to be good, right?

  Glass half full, Warhorse has raised almost $2 million, glass half empty, Czech law doesn’t know how to deal with taxes on Kickstarter money, glass half full again, problems were minimized thanks to support from the folks over on Kickstarter.
3D printer hand

Looks pretty…handy! Ba bum cha….I’ll be leaving now.

  And finally, thanks to the magic of 3D printing, Jan Zámečník, and Jiří Bartoněk, you can now shake hands with the warriors from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. More 3D printed goodness coming in the future.

So if your not yet a backer of this amazing looking game and want to contribute then head on over to They are offering three “physical” and four “digital” tiers with more tiers announcements in the future. The most attractive is the collector’s edition Viscount, offering large portfolio of digital goodies and early access:

  • Forum access & badge
  • Digital copy of Act I
  • PDF copy of the game manual
  • Complete game soundtrack in mp3
  • Digital version of our making-of documentary
  • Alpha access
  • Beta access
  • Digital art book with 100+ pages in PDF format
  • 24″ x 36″ full color poster of the game in high resolution
  • Detailed map of the playable area of Act I in high resolution
  • Screenplay introducing the historical background of Act I
  • Design of a character from Act I ready for 3D printers
If your interested in more news about Kingdom Come: Deliverance then check out:






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