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SKARA: new Alpha video with gameplay in the new Lava Coliseum arena

7129-2875040e_680_400With eight solid months of development under its belt, SKARA is now focusing its efforts on completing their playable demo to be released on STEAM early access within the next few weeks. The playable demo will comprise of a lava-filled arena deep inside the Rhozha Mountains—the home of the barbarian Khärn tribe. “Players will finally […]
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5 Types of Villians

A hero is, for lack of a better word, heroic. They save cats from tall trees and old ladies, who own tree-climbing cats, from burning buildings. The morals they have tend to be unquestionable, i.e. do not drop your nemesis one-hundred and fifty stories to his doom even though he just killed every person, rat, […]
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Anime Matsuri 2014, March 14 – 16

George R. Brown Convention Center
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