Oni-Con 2013 Impressions

Oni-Con 2013. My first anime convention but definitely not my last. Impressions away!!!!

Play On Pervy Sage, Play On

  1. Setting My first legitimate fear walking into the beautiful Galveston Island Convention Center was that my senses would be assaulted by a wave of room temp nerd sweat and BO. Thank GabeN that was not the case. Everything was clean and classy, even in the line for Hentai Fest. Considering the amount of people (at least 7000 according to the almighty Wikipedia) there was decent walking space in the halls, lines for events went in a smooth and orderly fashion, and relatively 99.9% of the attendants at the con behaved like awesome, civilized people (the ones that didn’t were promptly beaten nicely talked to by the cops). The same could be said for the main event hall, vendor hall, food table, and smaller halls.

Keeping It Classy

2. Location

The Galveston Island Convention Center. Besides the size and elegance of the place, it was also expertly located next to a handful of hotels (the nice kind without the face eating roaches) and restaurants (IHOP FTW). Seriously, there were so many food options it wasn’t funny. There was literally 20 different places to eat at all within walking distance of the con plus right next door was a supermarket. Achieving diabetes was never so easy. Also, the beach.


Jesus Look at that View

3. Stuff to Do

If looking at all the awesome cosplay wasn’t enough, Oni-Con had plenty more to offer. A free 24 hour arcade, vendor booths with plenty of shirts, anime, manga, trinkets, swords, etc., live music (courtesy of Nobuo-Uematsu and Earthbound Papas, Saber Tiger, Alsdead, Dr. Awkward, and YTCracker), industry guests, rave parties, and larping i.e. more things to do than you can shake a Zanpakutō at, plus you’re in Galveston.

Doc Awk and YTCracker

Doc Awk and YTCracker

So all in all, Oni-Con 2013 was a blast. Plenty of awesome things to do and see for an affordable price is usually high on my list of awesomeness. Plus, if this article rustled your jimmies then head on over to the official Oni-Con site and/or pre-register for Oni-Con 2014! DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!  
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