Top 21 Games and Franches We Wan’t Remade, Rebooted, or Given a Sequel

Sometimes a game will come out and it’s really awesome. Sometimes that game will spawn a series that is equally awesome. Then sometimes that game/series will fade away, never to be heard from again, or worse, just start to suck. As time goes on, those once awesome graphics and the games amazingness suddenly start to fade and your left with a feeling of sadness. So what’s to be done? Why a remake, reboot, or sequel of course, and here are our top 21 picks for the games and franchises we want to play (again).  


  21. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Series What Does It Need: A Reboot The first Dave Mirra BMX game came out in 1999 to much praise with it’s varied level design, fun gameplay, great soundtrack, and plenty of unlockable replayability. Then a year later Acclaim (the publishers) struck gold again with  Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 which improved on everything offered in the first and added new content and features such as a level editor. They even released Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 on the Game Boy Advance which received high praise. However, after the third game, no love was to be found. With two shoddy releases in a row, BMX XXX (tried to make up for crappy gameplay with boobies) and Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (said to have been the worst PSP release at the time), the good Dave Mirra BMX franchise was over. If some talented development house would just pick up the name, we could see a reboot of a very fun franchise.  

These Graphics Looked Pretty Sweet “Back In The Day”

    20. Road Rash What Does It Need: A Remake Road Rash, part racer, part fighter, all fun. When it came out in 1991, it featured state of the art (at the time) features like physics, grade changes, and interactive environments. Today Road Rash is still fun to play but there definitely could be some improvements. All that needs to be done is throw in some awesome graphics, tons of bikes to choose from and customize, plenty of varied weapons and tracks, and good multiplayer should equal a win.  

It’s Kinda Like “Burnout”…With Leadpipes

19. Mutant League Football What Does It Need: A Remake Mutant League Football is like how you wished you could have played football in your backyard when you were a kid. It plays just like any other football game except for a few yet extremely important differences. The first and most obvious thing you will notice is that your not playing as people on real NFL teams but instead as mutants, robots, trolls, skeletons, etc. Then comes the violence and dirty tricks. Not only can the players lose health and die, but they can also use invisibility, jumping the quarterback with intent to kill, bribing the ref to call phony penalties, jet packs, and exploding balls (throwing a bomb taken literally eh). If that’s not enough, then the fields which you play on also have landmines, firepits, holes and other obstacles. Fun to play alone as well as with a friend, this game is just begging to be remade on current consoles.  

Another Casualty of War er I Mean Football


18. Tony Hawks Pro Skater Series What Does It Need: A Remake & A Reboot 1999 saw the birth of one of the greatest skating series ever, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Neversoft (the developers) said “Screw You!” to realism and went with the “lets see how much awesome crazy stuff we can throw in” approach. Smooth controls, greatly designed levels, and an awesome soundtrack guaranteed  success. Then, after a flood of successful games, the series kinda went downhill (Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam shares blame). Part of the problem, besides just being poorly made games, was the fact that the series started to try and be more realistic, when in fact the series was founded on extreme, over the top skating. A remake of the original 2 (kinda of a smoosh together of the first 2 titles), which has been announced (check the video below), could trigger a reboot that the series greatly needs. All that needs to be done is go back to THPS roots and success will be sure to follow.  

It’s The Birdman Himself

17. Body Harvest What Does It Need: A Remake & A Sequel Giant man eating alien bugs, big assortment of weapons and vehicles, time travel, big environments, sandbox style gameplay, Body Harvest has it all. Besides the bugs and time travel bit, Body Harvest almost sounds like the developers, DMA Design, were ripping off the marvelously made Grand Theft Auto 3. Now, that would be a safe assumption except for one tiny little detail; 3 years after Body Harvest, DMA Design developed Grand Theft Auto 3 and changed their name to Rockstar North. Mind=blown right? A remake would be nice for Body Harvest since it was buggy and looked very ugly even when it first came out but a sequel could not only improve and add on everything in the original but also add new epic aliens/weapons/environments.

Looks Ugly But Fun

16. Jurassic Park: Trespasser What Does It Need: A Remake Trapped on a dinosaur infested island with only your wits, some guns, and a boneless possessed arm too aid you, Jurassic Park: Trespasser was at one point on everybody’s wishlist. Huge outdoor environments, ragdoll physics (the first game to implement it), and the prospects of capping a T-Rex with a machine gun were more than enough to get any PC gamer excited. However, due to the high specs required to play, an insane amount of graphical glitches and bugs, and poor gameplay, this ambitious, yet ahead of it’s time, shooter fell WAY below everyone’s expectations. However, even with all of it’s flaws, Trespasser has a cult following and strong mod community which says this about the 14 year old game; it has potential. I would pay to play a well made FPS set on a dinosaur filled island. Wouldn’t you? Just pretty everything up, fix some of the mechanics (arm, here’s looking at you), and get rid of the bugs and your set.

15. Shadowrun What Does It Need: A Remake & A Reboot Shadowrun (the SNES classic, not the 2007 version), one of those great games that was ahead of it’s time but didn’t quite sell well. Being an action RPG set in a dystopian film noir world with plenty of deep characters, great narrative, and action, even today this gem is sure to please any tabletop Rambo. However, the game looks and controls like it was made for the SNES….oh, because it was, which isn’t exactly a good thing. What would be a good thing however is updated graphics/sound/etc… and a better control scheme, like a mouse and keyboard, and BAM, you got yourself cyberpunk Mass Effect with magic…and a better ending.

14. Star Wars: Republic Commando What Does It Need: A Sequel You play as an elite clone commando in a gritty Star Wars universe. If you didn’t get a broner from that then you can turn your nerd card in over at the receptionists desk. As the leader of Delta Squad, an elite group of clone commandos for the Republic who go in and do the neck snapping behind the front lines of battle, you got to experience the Star Wars universe like never before. The game had great voice work, a likeable cast of characters, great sound design, and memorable locations. However, what set this title apart from other Star Wars games was it’s approach to gameplay and presentation. You weren’t some sissy boy Jedi and there were no appearances by girly Ewoks or he who’s name shall not be spoken (it starts with a J), you were a bad ass commando who stabbed lizards and robots in the face and sniped Geonosian’s heads off. Plus, the game had some Tom Clancy influence as you couldn’t absorb thousands of laser blasts and since your the leader of the squad, you could command 3 of the other commandos to go snipe here or take out a specific mofo. Surprisingly, this game hasn’t had a sequel (surprising since the cliffhanger ending practically said “please, give me a sequel”), however, I have faith Lucasarts will surprise us one day at a future E3. All they need to do is make sure the original feel of the first is intact, maybe slap an M rating on the cover (please), and make sure the multiplayer isn’t bland like the first.

13. Fallout 1 & 2 What Do They Need: A Remake   Ah the Apocalypse, your such a great setting to tell stories, like the Fallout series. A retrofuturistic, post-apocalyptic, choice drivin RPG with plenty of choices to be made, humor, and violence, the Fallout series is a classic in every sense. A remake should stay true to the original camera perspective (keep it isometric, you don’t have to copy Fallout 3) but update the game with 3d graphics, more spoken audio for characters, more sidequests, flesh out some things like conversation choices and missions and you should have a winner.  

Freakin Deathclaws

12. Smash T.V. What Does It Need: A Remake Set in the distant future of 1999, Smash T.V. is the worlds most popular game show where contestants battle waves of mutants and robots for fabulous cash prizes and toasters. Tight, duel joystick controls made for some extremely fluid gameplay where you could fight your way out of the biggest enemy swarm. Plenty of weapons, powerups, and crazy bosses got you hooked while 2-player mode made sure you stayed. While Treyarch’s “Dead Ops Arcade” had the same style of gameplay (props to them for that), what it didn’t have was the crazy bosses/atmosphere. I want a 3d mutoid man in glorious HD please.

I’d Rebuy That For A Dollar!

11. Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake What Do They Need: A Remake While the original “Metal Gear” wasn’t the first stealth game (that honor belongs to “Castle Wolfenstein” not “Wolfenstein 3D”), it was the first stealth game people really cared about. Then 3 years later, “Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake” came along and crapped out stealthy goodness on everybody’s brain (it was that good). Story, gameplay, characters, music, etc… were all blended together into a masterpiece…that looks over twenty years old unfortunately (Pixels? Pixels?! PIIIIIXELS!) A glorious 3D remake of these two gems would be, well, glorious. Plus every stealth genre fan out there would collectively cream there pants. Win win.


10. Red Faction What Does It Need: A Remake & A Reboot Blowing stuff up is always awesome. Always. So when a first person shooter came out claiming to let you blow holes through walls and such, well, that’s fantastic. Red Faction was the first game to use the Geomod engine which allowed you to blow holes through walls and tunnel through cave walls with explosives and what not. The singleplayer was fun but the multiplayer is where this baby shined. Good maps, weapons, gameplay, and the ability to blow stuff up is why some people still play Red Faction online til this very day. Sadly however, the series drifted away from it’s roots to the point where the series has been killed off. If only a nice, shiny, Geomod 2 remake of the original and a sequel that didn’t suck were made, all kinds of multiplayer fun could be had. All kinds.

The Bread and Butter

9. Final Fantasy 7

What Does It Need: A Remake

The game that every Final Fantasy fan want’s remade but nobody will give it to them. According to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada, a remake would only be made if they could produce a FF that was better than FF7. Hopefully a remake would only up the graphics and leave everything else alone. Otherwise, nerd rage to the max!

Cut Him In The Eyes!

8. Goldeneye 007 What Does It Need: A Remake I want a 1:1 remake of Goldeneye 007. Not a re-imagining like on the Wii and later PS3 and 360, which by all means were good games, but not 1:1 remakes. I just want to play the Goldeneye I know and love with the only changes being aesthetic, like just textures and models (and probably better controls wouldn’t hurt either). Great gameplay and multiplayer makes this game hold a warm, fuzzy spot in the hearts of gamers everywhere but it looks slightly crappy by today’s standards.

7. Duke Nukem 3d What Does It Need: A Remake Duke has quite a personality. It may be a very macho, sexist, masochistic personality, but it’s one gamers have, for better or worse, come to love. Duke Nukem Forever proved that bringing back a beloved icon and throwing him into a game with generic, crappy gameplay is not a winning formula. So why not go back to the level design of Duke 3D? It was great and could definitely use a facelift.  

Hail To The King Baby

    6. Star Wars: Dark Forces Series What Do They Need: A Remake and a Sequel   The Dark Forces series hold a warm spot in my heart. Not only did they provide a great Star Wars experience, but a great gaming experience as well. Blasting stormtroopers, that’s where it’s at man. Then Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight threw a lightsaber and force powers into the mix. A freakin lightsaber aka that thing you wanted as a child up until now after seeing the films. That thing where you got a stick or Christmas wrapping tube and made whooshing and humming noises. That thing. They gave it to you, and it felt great. A pretty decent story plus well done live action cutscenes with the first lightsaber footage since Return of the Jedi :0. Plus the multiplayer was ok and by ok I mean people are still playing and modding it to this day.      

5. Half-Life & It’s Expansions

What Do They Need: A Remake

Welcome to Black Mesa. Ugly textured Black Mesa. If your a gamer, then Half-Life should probably need no introduction. However, if your some weirdo who stumbled upon this blog and is wondering why I’m saying the amount of time required for a quantity to fall to half its value as measured at the beginning of the time period needs a remake then listen up. Half-Life is a case study for moody, atmospheric, nonlinear storytelling plus it has excellent, balanced gameplay which equates into one of the greatest singleplayer experiences of all time. Still don’t believe me? Well, I could try and convince you more however somebody already did the work for me with this documentary.

4. Basewars What Does It Need: A Remake It’ a baseball game…with freakin robots…that fight each other. THIS should be America’s true national pastime. It plays just like any other baseball game on the NES, however you can upgrade your cyborg with weapons and performance enhancing dru…*cough* parts, and if you try to take a base where the catcher has the ball, your not out. Instead, the gameplay switches to a fighting perspective and you can beat the crap out of your opponent. A pretty deep game for the time and still fun to play multiplayer with a friend. 3. Star Wars: Battlefront Series What Does It Need: Sequel Large scale multiplayer battles set in multiple eras of the Star Wars movies? Take my money now! All of it! The maps were very open and varied just like the class selection. Just a grand feeling of epicness when your running underneath a AT-AT walker blasting stormtroopers on top of your Tauntaun while your buddy is wrapping said AT-AT’s legs with his snowspeeder.

My Credits Are On The Rebel

2. Deus Ex What Does It Need: A Remake This action adventure/FPS/RPG/stealth game is ugly. All kinds of ugly. However, give me a well told story with memorable characters and levels that encourage multiple playstyles (I’m still finding new ways to accomplish my objective) and I’ll be your best friend. Give me all of that plus a awesomesauce graphics engine and I’ll hump your leg and never leave your side….ok, maybe not that, but I would definitely throw money at you.

Don’t Taze me Bro

1. System Shock Series What Does It Need: A Remake & A Sequel The words scary and atmospheric don’t even begin to describe this game. A smart story, disturbing enemies you feel sorry for, creepy as crap level design and lighting, and great use of sound all topped off with one of gaming’s greatest villians are some highlights of this diamond in the rough. The games are slightly ugly by today’s standards (even by the standards back in the day) but my god, everything else about them is so great. A nice new coat of paint would have gamers old and new alike crapping themselves for the first time or all over again plus the ending of SS2 is just begging for a sequel. Stupid spiders.

Look at you Insect

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