Women and Minorities Attracted to Apocalyptic, Shoot em’ ups

As research now proves, woman and minorities actually can’t wait to play violent video games, especially ones with guts.


  According to totally not made up female Dr. Jane Doe, “Women and minorities actually feel liberated and refreshed after beating a virtual baby seal with a club on their Xbox’s”.

When asked about current research proving that in fact, most women are actually not attracted to violence in gaming, Dr. Doe replied “That is a very common misconception. Women are stereotyped and labeled as not enjoying guts and galore in gaming, when in fact they do. They choose to remain silent on the matter however and conform to societal norms so they would not be judged by others. Also, besides motor skills, hand eye coordination, and a handful of other benefits, violent games actually increase empathy”.
So there you have it, women and minorities love violence in their games and it does the mind and soul good
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