Tactical Shooter Love Song

If your a fan of having to have skill to kill in a game, then Takedown is probably for you.

Tac Shooter Fans Dream

Takedown is a shooter being developed by Serellan LLC which promises to be the ultimate love song to the hardcore tactical genre. Only problem is that the game needs to be funded through Kickstarter, so if you haven’t donated yet, then get cracken if you want to see this game become a reality.

Now, why donate? Simple. The team behind this game has a real passion about their project. This isn’t another copy/paste shooter game here. There seems to be a real sense of love and dedication thrown into the mix of talent. Plus, they are listening to the fans in a way that actually determines aspects of the game by letting them contribute their ideas to the project. Not a ton of companies can say the same. And if the written word isn’t enough to convince you of the passion, then how about some spoken word from yours truly and the man behind the plan, Christian Allen. And if passion and dedication is not enough for you, then how about some facts stolen directly from Takedown’s Kickstarter page?
What experience does the team behind TAKEDOWN have? Serellan LLC, led by veteran game designer and BAFTA Award winner Christian Allen, is a small indie studio made of industry veterans from studios including Red Storm Entertainment, Monolith, Surreal, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Bungie, and others, with extensive experience on games like the original Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon, GR2, GRAW, F.E.A.R., Condemned, Halo: Reach, Drakan, The Suffering, World of Tanks, and more. Also included is a recently retired US Army Ranger, with several tours under his belt who, along with Christian Allen’s USMC experience, will bring realism and authenticity to TAKEDOWN.
Seems legit. Ooh look, a video.

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