Epic Gaming Nom

Chips, pizza, and energy drinks are great things to have around when gaming, but sadly cannot sustain a gamer forever (OK, that last part might be a lie). So, here’s a few new gaming foods and cooking methods to mix it up a little bit. (click the pics to make them bigger, in case your slightly blind and/or missing both eyes)

It’s a stove made out of freakin beer cans. How awesome is that? Hobo Blacksmiths around the world would be proud.


Let’s do some math real quick (I know math is evil, but don’t run away just yet).

Donuts = Legit & Bacon = Legit
Donuts + Bacon = 2Legit. 2 legit to quit (see what I did there? Thank you Hot Rod)

“But how do I make bacon donuts you ask?”. Well, you could always read this RECIPE FOR DONUTS.
And here’s the recipe for the glaze which I didn’t steal from the site the link above takes you to: whisk together 1 1/4 cups powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1/4 cup Grade B maple syrup

How many bites does it take to get to the center of a heart attack?

The bland cereal is like a caterpillar, the marshmallows are like the cocoon, and the finished product is like a beautiful, beautiful, delicious butterfly.

It's Like Magic For Your Tongue

Half prank, half drink. All awesome, which is why it’s in this article.


Person 1 wants Tacos while person 2 wants pizza. Solve both dilemmas in one tactical fell swoop!

!Tienes el taco en mi pizza!

Potato chips made like the old west pioneers used to do it…with microwaves. CLICK THE LINK TO FIND OUT HOW TO COOK THESE BAD BOYS

So Crispy, So Delicious, So Easy

Bacon and Cheese combined have been clinically proven to reduce heart attacks. “Which clinic said this?” you ask. The “Clinic of Non-Pansy Awesomeness”, that’s who.

Pig & Cow In Perfect Harmony

If your thirsty, a gamer, an alcoholic, or all three, then check out this link to make some AWESOME CRAZY LOOKING GAMING DRINKS  

Slip Samus A Couple of These *Giggity*

The only thing more epic than a wiener, is a bacon wiener love child.

*Insert Penis Joke Here*

Take laziness to the ultimate next step with this ingenious bag rolling technique invented by the Mayans (probably)

Where Can You Buy These? I Need To Know!

If your hungry and not a vegetarian or communist, then you need to eat this with your face hole  

Suck It Down PETA


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