Is Skyrim worth the Money?

You bet your sweet ass it is, and here’s why.

Skyrim is Long.

“How long?” you say; 300+ hours. Yeah sure, Sam Bernstein, a member of Bethesda’s QA team, beat it in just 2:16:10, but that doesn’t count.

In today’s day in age where some games (excluding multiplayer) only last for around 8 hours, compared to Skyrim’s over 300, it’s like your getting 37.5 games in one package (your welcome math nerds).


Congrats Sam Bernstein for not enjoying the game

Skyrim is Pretty

How many games do you know of where you get enjoyment just by staring at the scenery?

There is a lot of things to look at in Skyrim and those things look gorgeous, and everything you have in your inventory can be looked at as a 3d model.


Ooh and Ahh

Skyrim is Deep

Be it how your actions effect the story and missions, the spells you can cast, the leveling system, or random crap you can do, Skyrim is packed to the rim with content.

Get married, kill a bear, make stew. If you wanna do it then go for it.


Kill the Old Lady er I mean buy something from her if you want

Skryim is Ear Pleasing

With over 70 voice actors, over 60,000 lines of spoken dialog, and plenty of spells, dragons, and rivers, there is plenty to hear in Skyrim.

The quality is good enough too immerse you in the world and keep you there so you can neglect taking care of your cat.

Skyrim is a game with Dragons in it

Nuff said.


Cue Epic Music

So what are you doing wasting your time on this awesome article on this awesome site when you could be wasting all your time on The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim? With all the content, things to do, and amount of attention paid to detail, $60 is a small price to pay indeed.

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