13 Scariest Games for Halloween

13. Aliens vs predator 2 – Aliens and Predators and marines oh my. Not only was this an excellent first person shooter that did great justice to the Aliens and Predator franchise, but with aliens crawling on the walls and jumping at you, it was also scary. The only thing more frightening than watching marines in poorly lit environments fighting off hordes of Xenomorphs is playing as one.


12. Half-Life – You’re a science nerd in an underground research facility. Scary already right? But when all hell breaks loose and the whole place is infested with aliens who want to hump your head and hostile marines wanting to shut you up permanently, things get a little more frightening. Half-Life managed to make you feel that sense of isolation and pull you into the world where a crowbar was usually the answer to your problems. With the great atmosphere and narrative, you couldn’t help feel that it was you trying to escape from Black Mesa.

Now why are they wearing lab coats?

11. They Hunger – If Half-Life wasn’t scary enough, then throw the undead in the mix. This mod truly made the zombie apocalypse scary by creating a dark atmosphere, freaky sound effects, and good use of zombies coming out of freakin nowhere. Nearly crapped myself when the undead began to rise early in the game while you’re at a church cemetery. Best place to be during the zombie apocalypse…if you’re wanting to die apparently.


Ah Snap


10. Bioshock – If a man chooses, then this man chose to be thoroughly creeped out his entire stay in Rapture. Bioshock wasn’t just creepy because you had freaks of all shapes and sizes coming to beat the crap out of you, but because of what Rapture and its citizens once were. What makes wandering down some dark hallway shooting a splicer all the more unsettling is that Rapture used to be a great utopia, and that splicer probably was once a great artist or one of the many brilliant minds Rapture housed. Like Sander Cohen, who will always be one of the greatest and freakiest characters ever due to the fact that he wasn’t completely crazy, which made him all the more believable. The great sound effects, music, and voice acting also played a huge part in bringing this horrifying masterpiece to life.

Trixs are for kids, freak.

9. Silent Hill 2 – Those Japanese sure do know how to create some disturbing stuff. From poorly lit hallways to mannequin porn, the only thing scarier was being locked in a room with Pyramid Head. What kind of guy has a pyramid for a head you may ask? Who cares, he could have had a balloon for a head for all that matters, it’s just the fact that your trapped in a tight space with him is scary enough. The disturbing monster design also guaranteed some scares.

I got some candy

Awesome wallpaper by pun_ko_matt

8. Resident Evil 2– Zombies. Zombies are always scary. But when you have limited ammo, crappy inventory space, and tank controls, things get a little more complicated. There’s always a sense of urgency and you never feel safe in RE2. Even from the first moments of the game you’re trying to escape the zombie horde and survive. You really feel like you’re in the zombie apocalypse.

Hello Officer, what seems to be the problem?


7. Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth – Very creepy game. The atmosphere, the story, the characters, all creepy. From the get go, you explore the house of a cult, which as you could probably guess isn’t the most family friendly of places. After that you’re in a washed up old sea port town where everybody looks like their half inbred and half really pissed off. Throw in some truly frightening scenarios, such as waking up in the middle of the night with half the town barging into your hotel trying to kill you and the only thing you can do is escape, and you have the perfect recipe for fear.

What are you looking at?

6. Doom 3 – This isn’t your grandpas Doom. In the beginning of the game you’re just some marine walking around punching turkeys and admiring John Carmack’s coding skills. But after the initial freak out from the demonic crap hitting the fan, things go from bad to worse as you find yourself in tight dark corridors with all types of hell spawn ready to eat your eyeballs. The truly horrific looking creatures were truly brought to life with the use of shadows while the sound and creepy atmosphere guaranteed that you would probably shoot at some of those shadows more times than you would like to admit.

Chainsaws make Zombies happy

5. Dead Space Series – If there ever was a dude with some crappy luck, it would have to be Isaac Clarke. If fighting off the Necromorphs twice wasn’t bad enough, then how about going crazy? The Dead Space series not only has some incredibly disturbing enemies but also some truly terrifying moments. Be it the very beginning of Dead Space where you’re being chased by freaks and your only option is to run like a little girl or having some truly horrific visions of yourself almost getting stabbed in the eye in Dead Space 2. Never have I curb stomped so many dead bodies in a game just to make sure they wouldn’t get back up.

Bro Hug!


4. FEAR 1 & 2 – Girls are scary. Little girls with blank expressions, dark black hair, and blood stained feet are even scarier. The F.E.A.R. series manages to freak you out without actually putting your character in any danger by showing you quick ghostly glimpses of Alma, the aforementioned little girl. Throw in some creepy music, mutants, great AI, and a cannibal, and your sure to walk away disturbed. And why isn’t F.E.A.R. 3 on this list you say? Because F.E.A.R. 3 wasn’t that scary compared to the first two. There I said it.

Now say Aaah

3. System Shock 2 – Few games out there make me have to stop and collect my thoughts before I run into a room out of sheer terror. The atmosphere in System Shock 2 is truly one of horror and despair. Sound is the greatest tool for fear as there is nothing more frightening than listening to the audio logs of doomed crewmates or hiding from a talkative exploding cyborg or mutated crew member. Also, having one of the best villains out there mocking your every step helps add to the tension.

Hey there Foxy Lady

2. Penumbra Series – I don’t know what’s scarier, having to get face to face with a zombie wolf to beat him down with a hammer, or having no hammer and having to run away and hide from zombies. Either way, the Penumbra series is truly frightening with its freaky character design, atmosphere, and sound. Having to solve a puzzle is scary enough, but throw in monsters around every corner and Professor Layton suddenly doesn’t look that smart.

Run Like Hell Man

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Brought to you by the same geniuses who made the Penumbra series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the scariest game I have ever played, hands down. This is also the only game I have audibly screamed “HOLY CRAP!” in public while playing. The very dark story is creepy, and having to worry about going insane from frightening events or being in the dark for too long is bad enough, but when you throw in truly creepy monsters, music, and sound and your only option is to run away and hide (no weapons kids), then you have the perfect storm for peeing in your pants. I had to quit playing this game numerous times just because of how freaked out it could make me. A must buy for any horror fan and I dare you to try and not scream like these people below.

Pee your Pants Time

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  1. thetireburner
    Posted November 30, 2011 at 4:23 pm | Permalink

    what about alone in the dark for ps1??

    • Posted November 30, 2011 at 4:41 pm | Permalink

      I only review games that I have played. Not saying Alone in the Dark isn’t scary, but I can’t pass fair judgement on it

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