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Who will be the mystery character???

I have alot of theories.. for characters that could possibly shoot up Shinnok: reason why??….. well he was in the storymode.. so we know they’ve atleast done some artwork on him in MK9 so…probly will be a way for them to save money by not having to redesign a whole new character when he’s already […]
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Office Kombat

Mortal-Kombat-Felt-Doll-Cyrax-199x300Check out this MK themed skit from Robot Chicken right here —> Office Kombat
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Team Fortress 2 and Source SDK…FREE!

TF2That’s right, Valves critically acclaimed team based first person shooter, Team Fortress 2,  which is now supported by micro transactions, is free to play. But wait, it gets better. Due to Valve being good sports about a mix up, their Source SDK is also free. Double whammy of awesome for the masses.      
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Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare

Galactic-Warfare-COD-4-Star-Wars-06Like COD4? Like Star Wars? Like shooting other people with lasers? Yeah, we knew you did, so check out the awesome Star Wars themed mod for the PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. And the best part is its free (the mod, not the game but hey, its cheap now). Give it some […]
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Its A Freakin Pac Man!

pac manIt looks like scientist have actually discovered something significant to the gaming community…besides electricity, ramen noodles, gravity, and cheap internet porn that is.        
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Agent Double Oh waaa…?

nintendo_64If you have ever paid close enough attention, you would notice there is something wrong with the king of N64 shooters face. And yes, I still cant unsee it.  
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MK9 PC Petition

MK9 PCIf your an avid PC gamer and would like to see Mortal Kombat 9 come to the PC, then click here to sign the petition and make your keyboard fatalities a reality.    
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Holy Crap Zombies!!!

zombies 2Don’t believe in zombies? (blasphemy!) That’s fine, but it seems somebody does. And that somebody just happens to be the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Its real and its funded by the government, check it out HERE.
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I Wanna Be the Guy

iwbtg-smHave you ever wanted to play a game that was fun yet so hard it made you want to rip your balls off and go to town on them with your Slap Chop? Well if you answered yes, then I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is probably for you, you sick bastard. IWBTG, […]
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Homemade X-men

Was surfing around at one point or another and stumbled on these guys… Pretty funny I must say.
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