The Rumors Were True, A Marvel Sequel!!

Its been floating around the scene for few months now that capcom was working on a new marvel title, a possible sequel to the latest title Marvel VS Capcom 3.
Well as of today the beans were spilled by and in result gameplay and info upon the new capcom game has been released.

The game has been announced that Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 will be 40 dollars on retail and is set to be released in November, Xbox 360/Playstation 3.

4 characters have been officially confirmed by capcom.

Marvel: Ghost Rider, Hawkeye
Capcom: Strider Hiryu, Firebrand (Red Arremer)

The other 8 unconfirmed characters have been leaked, they are:

Marvel: Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Rocket Racoon, Nova
Capcom: Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Frank West, Nemesis

And another confirmation that Jill and Shuma Gorath will be available characters as DLC after release.

There are also some new functions and some changes so far that have been seen in the game. A spectator mode for multiplayer. 8 new stages. 12 new characters. Rebalanced gameplay. New character moves for select characters. New UI. Subtitles. New HUD. 3 packs of DLC costumes announced for preorders. Xfactor now darkens the character with a glowing orb inside them. TACs now flash a different color depending what you choose, and you lose a bar if you do a left/right exchange. Also, you are able to activate X-Factor… in the air.

Gameplay of Hawkeye and Firebrand:

Gameplay of Ghostrider and Strider Hiryu:

Art of the other leaked characters:

The costumes for the reserved titles:

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