Planetside 2 Debut Trailer

Since December 2008 planetside has been no more, down, finished, and with no intention by SOE to be brought back up. But just this July 7th SOE has released their debut trailer of Planetside 2. Quite a surprise it is, who knew the MMORPG Shooter would be brought back to life. Planetside was known for its leveling, ranks, classes, and MMO Shooter experience it offered to its players. It was a game of its own kind, 3 factions, 300 vs 300 vs 300 arena battles. Something hardly any games have offered into a shooter. Only few games have came somewhat close to those heights. APB… a third person action MMORP that has a simliar play style to grand theft auto, and Huxley a MMO shooter that has been in the making for now 6-7 years but still has not released. Could Planetside 2 redeem itself and become the next best online shooter, and if not that … could it at least dominate the PC world of shooters?
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